ZPT Fields of Research 

Area 1 -NDT for critical defect analysis in materials

The endeavor of material related NDT is providing quality control and standardization for material suppliers and producers of components. The research field “NDT for critical defect analysis in materials” deals with the determination of component-heterogeneities in its environment, the quantitative description of heterogeneities as well as the evaluation of effects on the manufacturing process and the use of the material. Moreover, the existing assumptions for the defect cause are verified. Eventually the aim is to develop detection methods which can be implemented, develop avoidance-strategies, and ultimately adapt the quality assurance system. The problems of Area 1 are processed in three mult-firm projects.

Area 2 - Tomography

Within the research area "Tomography" and from the multitude of different tomography NDT-methods, a major focus will lie on two tomography methods in particular: 3D X-ray computed tomography (also known as cone beam XCT), optical coherence tomography (OCT). In addition photo-acoustic tomography and THz-testing will be applied. The research field will be processed within the following two sub-projects.